Sunday 13th April at Monimail Tower Project

11-1pm Brassica propagation, come prick out a variety of brassicas (inc caulis, brocs, cabs and kales) to take away and tray of plants for your garden or allotment.  
All welcome
Please bring your own seed trays as we don’t have loads.
Stay on for these if you fancy:
1-2pm – lunch 
2 – 3pm – Monimail Tower Project Annual Meeting and discussion on this years aims etc.
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aAGM 2013

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     The AGM will be held in Collessie Hall at 8pm. All membesrs most welcome.

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Tom Dearie from Collessie has contacted us as he is organising a bulk order of heating oil. Anyone who is interested in this way of saving money should contact him direct. His email follows

Hi everyone,

I’m probably going to order some oil next week and wondered if anyone wanted any pre-Christmas.

If we get a few deliveries then we’ll maybe save a bob or two.

If interested please let me know by Monday at the latest with your address and phone number. Gleaner Oils have consistently been the cheapest over the past few times but I will do a price comparison as usual.



Tom Dearie
m: 07789 397607
t: 01337 810786
village website:

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2013 AGM

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Hi Members,

it’s time for the annual general meeting again, Yippee!

It will be on Tuesday 17th Dec at 8pm, venue to be confirmed.

There is some formal business to attend to, but this should be minimal. We will then adjourn to some pre-festive social.

So please come along it you have any quetsions about NHTT, any great ideas, or you just fancy a wee tipple.

I’ll post again next week to confirm venue, etc.

Is that snow I hear falling? Tom

Venue to be confirmed

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I attach minutes of the recent co-group meeting, click here. John is stepping abkc from being a Director and we’re looking for new people to join the Core Group to hep steer NHTT, if anyone’s interested please contact me.

The good news is that we are finally out of the financial danger zone with the Leader path funding. Although there is still some paperwork wrangling, they have eventially come up with the dosh. A lot of other community groups have also found this a very difficult funder to work with and thanks to Crispin and John for perservering with this.

Otherwise, the Woods Group is still developing and I am promised they will post a news update soon.

The bakery is looking ahead to the end of the current development funding and how to balance volunteer fun baking with profit-making events. The heart has to be sustaining the community’s voluntary interest in baking and producing healthy lcoal food for fun and social resilience, but there has always been anaspiration to create local employment, which catering for events now seems capable to sustaining.

The baking group is always looking for volunteer bakers for fun on Fridays and I am also promised they will post updates soon.

ok, that’s it I think.

Cheers, Tom

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There’s no compost left at the moment. It is proving very popular, which is great and we’ll organised another delivery soon. If you notice it uis running low, let us knwo and we will order more.

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film flier

Transition University of St Andrews is a non-profit organisation which encourages members of the University & residents of St Andrews and the surrounding area to engage with climate change through a variety of community-led projects.

Over the summer, we are running some grassroots initiatives including a series of five (free) film screenings on environmental, climate change and sustainable development topics. The films are really fun & inspiring and we’ve made a conscious effort to avoid doom & gloom documentaries.

The screenings are mostly free ( a couple charge £2 entry to help cover license costs) and are open to all members of the local community.

The screenings are also a prelude to a green film festival that we are hoping to organise later in the year (

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Fancy some veg gardening with a group of other people – or need a small allotment of your own ?

NHTT have a Community Garden in co-operation with Monimail Tower Project.  And we have space for other individuals or families that want to be involved.  Take an allotment or garden together.

The venue is the 19th century walled garden at Monimail Tower.  It has great soil, is well protected from wind and frosts!  We have two polytunnels as well!

Cost is £15/year payable to MTP.  Contact or phone 07580 699881

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Free compost is now available to householders in the area.  NHTT has arranged for compost (soil conditioner) to be provided free of charge by Fife Council. Monimail Tower Project have kindly agreed to host the  stockpile at the edge of their car park.

The 1-2-3 of getting your compost:

1. Turn up at Monimail Tower Project car park (behind the wall opposite the green at Monimail )

2.  Help yourself, no need to ask. The stockpile is signposted.

3. Take home and garden !

Why is NHTT doing this ?

We have are providing this to the community for 2 main reasons:

– to promote gardening including for growing veg,

– to encourage peat-free composts. Draining peatlands to harvest peat is major issue for climate change.

More on peat-free gardening. and here

More on why peatlands matter especially in Scotland

Where does the compost come from ?

It is a high quality product produced by Fife Council from the green material collected in the brown bins together with other horticultural materials.  It is tested comply with British Standard PAS 100 (contact us for a copy of the test certificate).  The heat of the compost process kills weed seeds and other bugs.  It gets up to 70 degrees C !

Fair Use

Max 250kg per household; for non-commercial home use in the Giffortown, Collessie and Monimail Community Council areas.

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Core Group Minutes 14th March 2013




Errata:  The minutes state that Cathy Bache has left the Woodland Group. It should state that  she is no longer leading the Sunday Woodland Group due to her other commitments.

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