The Food Group are a bunch of friendly food focused people who like to get together to talk and enthuse about food! The meeting will take place on Thursday 19th November, in Giffordtown Hall at 7.30pm. Tony Wilson, Fife Ranger Service will do a talk. Tea & coffee will also be available. We also need to talk some business too! ALL are welcome.

Agenda Below:

  • Welcome
  • Mushroom/Wild Food Talk – Tony Wilson, Fife Ranger Service
  • Elmwood College Proposal for Food Workshops for 2010
  • NHTT Website – what can it do for the Food Group? i.e. Food Forum, Barter, Admin, Bulletin, Local Food Directory
  • What could the Food Group meetings/get togethers/food ideas look like in 2010?
  • Apple Press Project Completion
  • Bake House Feasibilty Way Forward
  • Food Facilitation & Workshops – Green Library, Food Workshops – what next?
  • Local Community Food Provision & Storage – Next Steps…
  • Bulk Garden Supplies Project Update
  • AOB