This is a post to report that the Core Group met with Ladybank Development Trust last week for a friendly chat adn to get to know each other.

Our bounadries and activities are very close and we discussed items of mutual interest, including:

  • woods, for recreation, wildlife and fuel
  • Fife Council Melville recycling site, and the potential for a community-led energy project there,
  • the need to manage gravel quarries for public interest, especially restoration landscaping and access arrangements after use
  • broadening the market for the Community Bakery

LDT are currently looking at community gardens and Hall facilities. We had a friendly meeting and I think we will look to perhaps take some of the items forward through further dicussion. Irrespective of whether these go anywhere, it is good to develop relationships with our neighbouring community organisations

Let me know if you have any comments on this by posting

Cheers, Tom Morton, NHTT Chair