Free compost is now available to householders in the area.  NHTT has arranged for compost (soil conditioner) to be provided free of charge by Fife Council. Monimail Tower Project have kindly agreed to host the  stockpile at the edge of their car park.

The 1-2-3 of getting your compost:

1. Turn up at Monimail Tower Project car park (behind the wall opposite the green at Monimail )

2.  Help yourself, no need to ask. The stockpile is signposted.

3. Take home and garden !

Why is NHTT doing this ?

We have are providing this to the community for 2 main reasons:

– to promote gardening including for growing veg,

– to encourage peat-free composts. Draining peatlands to harvest peat is major issue for climate change.

More on peat-free gardening. and here

More on why peatlands matter especially in Scotland

Where does the compost come from ?

It is a high quality product produced by Fife Council from the green material collected in the brown bins together with other horticultural materials.  It is tested comply with British Standard PAS 100 (contact us for a copy of the test certificate).  The heat of the compost process kills weed seeds and other bugs.  It gets up to 70 degrees C !

Fair Use

Max 250kg per household; for non-commercial home use in the Giffortown, Collessie and Monimail Community Council areas.