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The Doorstep Bakery is a fledging community project in the heart of the Howe of Fife, an offshoot of the North Howe Transition Toun. have set up a small bakery in the kitchen of Collessie Village Hall.  We are a group of local people who are passionate about good quality bread and are setting up a local commercially based community bakery in the coming months.

Over the last three decades, we have seen the demise of many village

businesses in this area. This is our chance to turn that situation around and with your support we will be able to run a local bakery to cater for you.

We aim to provide freshly made bread, delivered to your door every week on

Neil and John getting ready for pizza night

a subscription basis. As a small artisan producer our prices will be competitive with similar quality producers, we will use organic ingredients and source them as locally as possible.

The business will be structured as a Community Co-operative

business designed to provide local employment for local people and most importantly fantastic breads for the local community.

Our plan is to bring back tasty wholesome bread as part of our local diet. We will launch with an initial small range of products that will increase with time. Like other new baking initiatives we want to start by offering breads on a subscription basis, this means that we bake to order, it helps us plan how much bread we have to make and decreases waste. The benefit to the customer is you know how much your bread will cost several months in advance and you know you will get a weekly delivery much like popular ‘veg box’ schemes.

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  1. I have a problem with my cakes. A few hours after baking them, the cakes are usually dry and have that coarse texture. I usually follow the recipe to T and I always monitor the oven’s temperature and never bake them more than the required time.

    Should I add more fats to my recipes, e.g. more butter, oil to prevent this? I’m planning to open a cake business and I don’t want to displease my customers by dry cakes after exposing to air for a few hours.

  2. Liked your website. Is it possible to come to Collessie to see you baking and maybe help? I would like to buy bread but can not eat seeds! Very good article in Fife herald. Well done and an enterprising effort. Thank you.
    Mrs J.Baird.

  3. Well done the bakers, what a story.
    How can we get a delivery to our home in Mid Street, Kettlebridge ?

    What do you bake?


  4. How do I go about ordering bread please?. I love the idea of having fresh home made delivered to the door!
    Thanks in anticipation!.

    • Hi Cath, sorry for delay in response.
      you are one of a few real comments amongst hundreds of spam!
      we deliver to our local area in NE Fife, so it all depends on where you live as our operating area is quite limited at the moment. try contacting me on doorstepbakery@gmail.com and we will see what we can do for you.
      neil @ the doorstep bakery

  5. Hi I actaually make all my own bread at home by hand as I am not working at present. Tried a bread maker but did not like it much. I would however be interested in buying ingrediants from you like fresh yeast, flour etc. i.e. stuff I cannot get locally. at a reasonable price. I realise that there would be a surcharge for whatever plus delivery but is there any possiblitly of this? Hope you can help. David

    • Hi David, we don’t sell ingredients only make bread and baked products for residents in our local area. thanks for the interest. sorry about delay in response your post was in amongst hundreds of spam that we get regularly. regards, neil @ the doorstep bakery

  6. can you give me advice on starting something similar on the outskirts of edinburgh? ie How do i find out if there is a market for this? How do I get local people involved and subscribing?
    Many thanks,

    • hi Sarah,
      we carried out a brief survey as part of a larger community survey in 2009. we followed up by asking around 20 families to come forward to help us with a trial period, where we baked bread for them for free over a four week period, we made several different breads and found out what people liked best and started with those. White and malted, we are now expanding to include sourdough, seeded wholemeal and barley.
      we had our initial trail period bakes in a local ‘friendly’ bakery, but now have part of the kitchen in community hall as our bakery. we set up for less than £5k with second hand equipment but have recently received lottery funding with which we plan to expand our operations.
      if you have more questions or want to visit and talk further contact me on: doorstepbakery@gmail.com

  7. Heard about your project on the radio the other day. I think it is a great idea. Have the same passion for home made bread. If you get busy and need an extra pair of hands it would not be a problem for me to come across and give you a hand. I work offshore as a baker on a 2 week on and 3 week off cycle.

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