More Bread…

Extended product range

We have recently increased our breads to include:

Barley- a distinctive flavoursome loaf

Seeded wholemeal- seed packed denser loaf for that big flavour hit.

Sourdough- Spelt & white flour blend gives this loaf a great chewy sour flavour with a ‘holey’ structure.

Order one to try one this week…


A reminder to our subscribers that we will be taking a couple of weeks off from Friday deliveries to allow our wee team of volunteers to catch breath, well part from Neil as he will be busy building a pizza oven. Normal service will resume Friday 27th July with new loaves following shortly after….

Pizza Oven Progress

Neil is busy working on our mobile pizza oven which should be ready in time for this years Big Tent…..

It's all starting to take shape


watch out for our roaming Pizza oven

Rainy Galas, Gigs and Buns

So Collessie Gala was rained off :( Since then we have been selling our sweet and spicy Collessie Buns and Neil baked up a storm for last weekends Letham Night. Just enough time to draw breath and then back to bread and buns on Friday. Email us if you would like some Collessie Buns this week,

Collessie Gala

Neil and Louise were busy trying out new recipes today and will be taking the results to Collessie Gala tomorrow. Weather premitting we’ll be there from 2-4pm with some sourdough, seeded wholemeal and barley loaves to try.

Pizza Night #3

Saturday saw our third and busiest pizza night. It was great fun and briliant to have so much support. Lesson learned this time round stagger the bookings a wee bit more!!! Role of the next one…

Wild Garlic Focaccia

All this wild garlic in Monimail! We have decided that Friday 4th May will be Wild Garlic Focaccia Friday. £2.50 each, get in touch if you would like to order some!

A sea of wild garlic in Monimail crying out to be baked into some focaccia


Hot Cross Buns

After much experimentation we think we've got a great recipe

On Friday 30th March and 6th April we will be making fresh hot cross buns

6 Hot Cross Buns for £2.50

To make your order please get in touch the week before you would like them,


Phone: 07546403326

Pizza Night #2 Write Up in Fife Herald

Lovely write up by Collessie columnist Marianna Lines, alas when it hit the Fife Herald it had been heavily edited. Great to have such enthusiastic local support, thanks Marianna ‘DOORSTEP BREAD … The Doorstep Bakery put on a special treat last weekend in Collessie Village Hall for those who were smart enough to make it. The delicate fine crust pizzas were gourmet like they used to be in Falkland’s pizza palace, light and tasty, along with a soft party atmosphere in the Hall. Pizza choices included margharita, pepperoni, roasted vegetable, goats cheese with red onion and balsamic, and mushroom, along with side salad and thin pizza crust style garlic bread, all too delicious to believe. There will be another chance to attend a gourmet Doorstep Bakery Pizza Night here in the future, be assured. Meanwhile the Doorstep kind folk are making waves with their popular breads, Country White and Traditional Malted Brown loaf. Hot Cross Buns also promised for Easter. Subscribe now to’