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We have set up our very own travelling pub to provide refreshment at NHTT and other community events. We stock a fine array of local ales and wines including  Cairn O Mohr fruit wines from Perthshire and Fife’s own  Luckie Ale.

Product list will be available to download soon.

For more information about the tavern get in touch with Crispin


The idea of the NHTT Cafe came out of the success of the travelling Transition Tavern. The idea is that the NHTT Cafe can be uplifted and taken to any NHTT or other local events. We are fair trade and organic and supply a range of teas, coffees & softs for kids for your supping delight!

Our drinks are also complimented by Fife made oatmeal shortbread from Your Piece baking Company.

If you are keen to have the NHTT Cafe at your event please contact Hayley


NHTT Christmas Celebration With Candles in the Park, Saturday 12 December 2009

The NHTT Christmas Celebration was a grand celebration with 70 people passing through the day! Our community came together to provide home made mulled wine, a delicious festive supper, splendid green decorations, singing, guitar playing, a slide show celebrating NHTT’s work over the passed year and pictures of what other groups have done for the 350 Carbon Reduction Campaign, a barter table, the Tavern and the NHTT Cafe!

George Mossman wrote and gave a meaningful Heart & Soul welcome helping us focus and reflect on the reasons why members of the NHTT do the work that they do. Leilani van Koten sung an earth awareness song she had written which complimented the H&S welcome, then 3 generations of local people lit our candle of hope.

The children made creative lanterns for the 350 candle lit vigil which was a meaningful, pertanent and a twinkly success. Thanks goes to everyone who helped this make such a lovely day.

NHTT Indie screening  of The Age of Stupid November and December 2009

Leading up to the Copenhagen Convention on Climate Change the Events Group organised a number of screenings of the Age of Stupid. A big thank you to those who came to the nights and participated in the lively discussions afterwards. Unlike ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘The 11th Hour’ which tell the story of our current environmental crisis through the lens of science ‘The Age of Stupid’ is a documentary that highlights the contradictions, inequalities, and crazyness of these extraordinary times we live in. As one of our local film critics put it: ‘ The Age of Stupid is a good film in many ways, however it does kick you in the belly and leaves you gasping for air.’

At all 3 showings we discussed how to follow up viewing this film with positive actions, and that action is required on all levels: local, community, council, UK wide and global. We asked what kind of actions people would like to take and see others take in order to tackle Climate Change and Resource Depletion.  There were loads of positive ideas and a full list will be posted up soon.

Click here to see the ideas put forward by members of our community

For reviews and more information check out Age of Stupid webiste

Local Food Festival, Letham Park, Saturday 19 September 2009

Community Gathering, Victory Hall, Collessie, Saturday 13 June 2009


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